InternetExits plays matchmaker for people buying and selling internet businesses and we keep things transparent throughout the entire process.


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"InternetExits helped me evaluate and purchase an e-commerce business. These guys know what they are doing. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else on buying or selling a business."

Will Kile, Serial Entrepreneur

We Keep Things Simple


Clear Roadmap

InternetExits provides a simple, clear path to buying and selling an online business.

Efficient Process

6 months? 12?! Ain't nobody got time for that. Stick to our process and we'll get to the finish line quickly.

Add Value To Both Sides

We work with buyers and sellers equally in order to create the best possible outcome for both parties.

Transparent & Fair

Our reputation means more to us than anything else, which is why we are ruthlessly honest.

A Seller's Journey With

Internet Exits


Free Valuation Meeting

Ready to get an idea of what your business is worth? We don't think valuation calculators or chatbots are a very caring approach. Let's schedule an initial valuation meeting to get the ball rolling. If you are not sure you want to sell just yet, that's fine - we are flexible and patient. Also, if you prefer to have us sign an NDA we are happy to do so.


During our first call, we will establish an estimated range that your business may be acquired for. This range is based on the most up-to-date multiples for your industry, plus factors like your profits, team, and physical assets like inventory.


In-Depth Planning Session

Want to take the next step? The in-depth planning session provides a roadmap to a successful listing event. It's important to have an answer to any questions you may be asked by potential buyers.


Put yourself in the buyers' shoes. They need to know how much you work, details about other team members, revenue and associated profit and losses, current marketing efforts, and a path to future growth. 

We will cover all this together, and more, to ensure that you are well prepared for Step Three.


List & Match Potential Buyers

We use all of the information gathered in Steps 1 and 2 to produce a go-to-market listing that's both honest and will get buyers excited.

Unlike some other similar platforms, InternetExits does not show every company for sale to every potential buyer on our platform. Instead, we play matchmaker and show off your business to the Top 3-5 best buyer fits for your particular company.

Once a buyer is ready to move forward with the purchase, we will help both parties execute all necessary documents to complete the transaction.

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Get The Playbook

Thinking about selling your online business? Awesome! Download our guide for owners looking to sell in 2020 for free.

Meet The Founders

More Spreadsheets Please.

Oh hey, I'm Connor Abene

Former finance consultant at an advisory firm in Dallas, TX that advised on over $18 billion of assets including private equity, debt and equities. I have worked with, invested in or consulted on over 50 companies in all stages from idea to mass production. 


This experience in investing and working with all ranges of business provides me insight into how to evaluate a business today and how to think about its future. InternetExits is committed to provide both the buyer and seller a well thought out and vetted transaction strategy.


Howdy, Y'all.

I'm Stephen Olmon

I'm a former KPMG strategy consultant and current serial entrepreneur. After excelling in the corporate world, I was head of sales for a healthcare analytics software company that was acquired in an 8-figure private deal.


That experience led me towards my own entrepreneurial journey to help others build, buy, and sell. InternetExits is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs buy and sell high quality online businesses. Let's get started!

The Buyers Guide

Looking to buy a great digital business? Make sure to keep these 3 key topics at the top of your mind when you begin evaluating opportunities.

It Pays To Participate

Many of the businesses that we work with originate from a referral, and we value those greatly. In fact, we value them so much that we provide referral fees to our preferred network partners. Jump in with us!

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